AA Friesian Sporthorses

When Donna released her first Christmas Set, I pounced. I got to see these gorgeous little creations at Mark's shop and loved them. Then Mark suddenly announced that he had a Artisan's Proof-piece for sale, one of only two with the broken wheel and the only one in white and black pinto. I thought long and hard on it, but decided to go for it. I was going to USA on a journey and I'm scared of flying, so it was part of a lure to get me on the plane... So I bought it! I used to have these horses as Irish Cobs/Gypsy Vanners/Tinkers, but I wanted to have longer pedigrees for them and now they go as Friesian Sporthorses.

If you are interested in using any of my horses, please read my terms first.


My e-mail address is annelimell@gmail.com.
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