For sale from Green Heaven

I accept paypal only from members of the Swedish Modelhorse Society or if we have had good sales in the past.
Write for more information about my terms.
Ask for prices in other curriencies.
Ask for images if there are none up.
I'm a bit slow with shipping, especially fragile horses.

RC Splendid Adventure by Cassavant, 3000 SEK
Tr. Versailles OF, 600 SEK
Tr. FAM OF, 250 SEK
RC PF Al Shama rep Gina Andersson, 1.600 SEK
Schleich Horse Care Friesian OF, 50 SEK
Sm. G3 Lying Foal black pinto OF, 35 SEK
Tr. '50th Clock ASB OF, 700 SEK
PS Willow Creek OF, 750 SEK
Cl. Frolicking Foal rep Patricia Lawson, 400 SEK
Tr. Clydesdale Mare OF bay sabino, 330 SEK
BCA First Class OF bay, 1400 SEK
Sm. G3 Standing Stockhorse rr Christin Brennholt, 400 SEK
Sm. G3 Driving rr Christin Brennholt, 400 SEK
Sm. G3 Stockhorse rr Patricia Lawson, 400 SEK
WD Anita OF, 40 SEK
Tr. Clydesdale Mare OF grey, 600 SEK
Tr. Big Ben rrh Maria Hjerppe, 700 SEK. a bit worn
Bullyland Donkey Foal OF, 60 SEK
Tr. Gooitzen fan Teakesyl OF, 375 SEK
Safari mini Unicorn Mare OF, 25 SEK
Safari Unicorn Mare OF, 100 SEK
Collecta TWH rep Therese Wolmer, 500 SEK
Sm. G2 ASB rr Sandra Lawson, 350 SEK
Safari Andalusian rep Therese Wolmer, 450 SEK

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