My terms

All my breeding horses is available as parents. However, there are certain things that anyone who wishes to use any of my horses should know about. Also, I'd like to stress that a breeding must be approved by me, or else it is not valid.

The Swedish Way and My Way
In Sweden, the most common way of "breeding" model horses, is to "cover" a mare in the spring, then wait 11 months before taking the foal. A mare is covered every year (or each second year, or depending on the owners personal preferences as to how often take a foal out of a mare). However, as I am a member of IPABRA, and also interested in promoting my horses outside of Sweden, I will be happy to accept "back-breeding" (to fill in a mare's open years with a foal). Another thing that differs in Sweden is that we seldom look for "open" years in real mares foallists, but usually take a suitable year regardless if she already had a foal this year (however, she must be alive and of age).

The Pedigrees
My horses usually have between 4-6 generations pedigrees, sometimes more, sometimes less. I will try to include how much they have in the next major update of this webpages. If you'd like to have additional information of my horses pedigrees, just write me about it. Some of my horses are Details Only (or "Breed Stock Only" as I've heard that they sometimes are called. I plan to give these horses models as soon as I can. They are not "fantasy" horses (horses made up for pedigrees. I research my pedigrees as much as I can (if you find any mistakes in them, please don't hesitate to tell me this!!) and as far as I know, none of the horses in them are "fantasy" horses.

I'm interested in the genetics of horse colours, and I have tried, as far as I can, to put correct genetical information of my horses colours next to each horse. I've based this information on the colors on the horse, the colors of their parents, their siblings etc. . As the pedigrees often go several generations up before you encounter the first real horses, and in the meanwhile the breeders have known little or none of color genetics, giving horses the colours they "felt appropriate". This might have caused some errors, but I've based my information on the information given to me. Please note that I've only pointed out certain parts of the genetic make-up, namely the area about I've written articles about. If the horse has another colour than Bay or Brown, Chestnut or Black, Palomino or Buckskin, or grey, then I've just put down the basic colour, leaving the additional for later. I might very well have made mistakes in the articles linked to above, but if so, please forgive me and let me know. However, if you'd like to use one of my horses, please respect the genetic information put next to the horse, a AA Ee bay will not have any black foals, etcetera. If you're not sure about a colour, please ask.

Open Years and Aging Foal:
Due to "the Swedish Way", my mares have very few open years (and I don't allow more than one foal/year for my mares). However, if you are interested in using one of my stallions, just let me know and I can probably offer a selection of suitable mares. Also, it never hurts to ask; some of the foals in my mares foal-lists have died/"disappeared", and if that is the case, I wouldn't mind taking a "new" foal that year. I will soon go over my list of mares and take away these foals, I just haven't had the time to do it yet...
My horses are not having any non-aging foals. The mares will not have their first foal until they are four years old, and a stallion must be at least three to cover a mare (so his first crop won't be born until he is four years old either).

The Information I want:
If you'd like to use one of my horses as the father or mother of your horse, please send me this information: the foals name, year of birth, colour, model (if you have one available), gender, the name of the horse/horses you'd like to use as its parents, and (of course) your own name. If you'd like to use someone elses horse as the second parent, then please provide information about this other parent as; name, model (if any), colour and 2 generations pedigree. Additional information is always nice to have as well, and I'll let you know if I need anything else.
If I feel that I don't approve of a match, for one reason or the other, I will let you know this, and, if possible, suggest another one.

Shortenings Used:
Ma XX/XX indicates that the horse is a model, registered in the Swedish Model Arab Registry.
SSMF X indicates that the horse is registered in the Swedish Studbook for Model Thoroughbreds.
-m indicates that the horse is a model.
-r indicates that the horse is real.
Status 30 indicates that the horse is a model and has earned the title Status 30 on the racetrack.
Form 30 indicates that the horse is a model and has earned the title Form 30 on the racetrack.

One last word...
There might be some special circumstances with certain breeds; My thoroughbred are not available years that they have raced, my friesians will not be bred to non-friesians, etcetera. This will be written on that particular breed's page.
As I live in Sweden, cents have no value for me, and I'm not going to make you get any "kronor" or "ören" either... So, breedings over e-mail are free, if you'd like paper for the horses, it is free for IPABRA-members, while non-IPABRA-members are will have to pay for the postage (2 IRC will do fine (International Reply Coupons), or 1 dollar (sorry, but postage is rather expensive from Sweden...)).

If you have any additional questions, please just let me know. I try to check my mail as often as I can, but don't be surprised if it takes me a couple of days to get back to you, especially if I'm away over the weekend.

My e-mail address is
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PLEASE NOTE: This web page is part of a model horse hobby web site. Green Heaven-owned horses referred to in these pages are NOT real; they are model horses or paper identities only. Any real horses discussed in these pages are listed for pedigree research purposes only and are denoted with a -r after their names.